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Introducing EOX

Say hello to EOX

EOX is TK Elevator’s new eco-efficient and digitally native elevator platform. It brings premium specs to the entry level standard and is designed to be a natural extension of how we live and move in the world today – environmentally conscious and always connected.

EOX is a fusion of the latest energy-saving and digital technologies. It spells out TK Elevator's commitment to add value to your buildings: By contributing to energy efficiency [ E ] and the reduction of your carbon footprint. By putting the customer at the centre and going full circle [ O ] on today’s and tomorrow's needs of everyone who designs, constructs, manages or uses a building. And by digitally transforming [ X ] the everyday elevator.

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The green and digital elevator you asked for is here and its name is EOX

EOX adds value to your buildings

Reducing your carbon footprint with a sustainable choice

Doing our part to care for this planet has always been one of our top priorities when debuting new machinery. That’s why we’ve strived to make EOX a sustainable product, beginning at our European factories which run on 100% renewable electricity, to the regenerative drive that feeds recovered energy back into your building. Keeping our processes as green and transparent as possible, it’s no surprise that the E in EOX stands for eco-friendly.

Digitally enhancing the everyday elevator

We live in a world of booming technology around us. From our phones to wrist watches and the internet we love – there’s seldom a day we don’t rely on these devices. So, why should that stop with vertical transportation? EOX is an "everyday elevator" specifically designed to cater to our rapidly connected world. A vivid in-cabin infotainment screen, the ability to “swipe a ride” via your smartphone, and optimised management of your elevator are assured with engineering excellence like the new EOX.

Answering your needs for tomorrow – today

EOX adds the most value to your building through its built-in ability to change with your (digital) needs over time. Standard-equipped with high-performance digital hardware and connected to TK Elevator's ecosystem of digital solutions, it is designed to be future proof. It is ready today and tomorrow with no additional adaptations for access to everything from smart maintenance and facilities management insight to digital services that will make use of future developments in IoT (Internet of things) and AI (artificial intelligence).

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EOX upgrades the everyday elevator

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European-made drive with ultra-low vibration

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Regenerative drive

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Multimedia display with infotainment

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High-performance computing unit

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Use your smartphone to call an elevator ride

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Energy-saving eco-mode

Bringing premium specs to the entry-level standard

EOX makes several features previously reserved for the comfort and premium segment an entry level standard. It comes with a regenerative drive that recovers energy during braking and feeds it back to the building. A new eco-mode that dynamically adjusts speed and acceleration further reduces the elevator's energy consumption. On top of that, the future-proof integrated digital hardware, including smart sensors in and around the cabin, makes it ready for what the future of IoT and AI has in store.

Transforming the passenger experience

EOX is still an elevator with physical buttons to push and a screen inside the cabin that tells passengers where the cabin is headed. At the same time, passengers can call an elevator ride directly from their smartphone without having to stand in front of the elevator doors and wait. Inside, the standard multimedia display provides extra infotainment by enriching the animated travel information with the latest news and weather forecasts.

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